Our commitment to go green is symbolised by our industry standard certifications

which include regional conferments as required by each specific market. As such, our sustainability practices are not just daring claims but substantiated assessments by qualified bodies.

Seatcorp’s deliberate dedication to conserving the environment also motivates our manufacturing processes to be fully automated. Dubbed the Dark Factory, the smart automation makes it possible to produce the entire volume of seating solution without human intervention, saving the much precious power and heating resources when staffing was a necessity.

The zero human intervention is a promising sign for our clients as the pandemic of Covid-19 has raised challenges that seemed almost insurmountable. The dark factory hence becomes a no-brainer as the case for a lockdown will become non-relevant as productivity can continue to remain optimum, eco-friendly and sustainable.

The overall cost and resource-saving shall translate into better value for our clients as it contributes to the heightened quality of our seats and also mitigates cumbersome future maintenance, disposal and impact to the environment. In other words, capital and operational expenditures will become more predictable without unexpected repairs, damage to the environment and potentially violation of the legislations.

Our commitment to planet consciousness is very much ingrained into the products and services we bring to the market. This is why we are bold enough to embrace the IR4 technology to mobilise our clients’ ambition into precise reality that far exceeds market expectations.

“Seatcorp’s sustainable advantage is equity to our client’s reputation for generations to come.”